Wednesday, November 14, 2012

...of Closets in the Dorms

Hey Future Panthers!

Yes, this is another dorm post.  Us, STARs, just want to make sure you get the full scoop before you move, so there aren't any big surprises when it comes time to move into one out of the eight fabulous dorms we have on campus!  Also, this will hopefully get you excited about moving in!

Before you press play on that video below, just know that I am a huge shopaholic! I love anything and everything to do with clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc! This video includes a few tips on how to make sure everything fits in your closet and fits efficiently! You don't want to stuff everything in and then when it is time to get ready for classes, it takes you over an hour to find that one shirt you wanted to wear on the first day. Well, click play, sit back, and enjoy! :)

P.S. I live in Campbell, so your closet might resemble mine next year!

~STAR Joslyn

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