Monday, September 15, 2014 UNI Interpreter's Theatre

Hey there, Panthers! If any of you are interested in attending a free production on campus or even want to audition for a future performance, University of Northern Iowa's Interpreter's Theatre is one of the places to check out, for sure. This coming November, students will be performing in an original production written by our very own Dr. Paul Siddens III, Emma Nichols Chase, Katie Grassi, Nathan Greve, Luke Hanson, Peter Seifert, Philippa Siddens, and Hayley White. This show is called Just Another Day in Paradise and is a one-act about a school shooting. It brings about several controversial issues and really makes the audience think deeply about things they'd never really thought of before.

The cast blocks Scene One of Just Another Day in Paradise at one of their first rehearsals.

The production is still in the early stages of its rehearsal process, but by the time it opens the second week of November, it will be open to whomever wishes to attend. If you have any classes for which you need to attend an on-campus event, consider coming on over to the Interpreter's Theatre. It is located on the first floor in the Lang building and is a small blackbox theater, allowing for a close connection with its audience members.

As I am a brand new freshman, this is my first production in which I have participated on the UNI campus. So far, I am very much enjoying the experience at the Interpreter's Theatre and I have already made several new friends who have really helped me to become acclimated to the university. 

If you're interested in getting involved, check out the Interpreter's Theatre's page at Another Day in Paradise will be showing November 6, 7, and 8 at 7:30pm. Tickets are free but are first come first serve, so make sure you show up at around 6:30 to get a good seat. Come support UNI's Fine Arts and think in ways you've never thought to think before.

- STAR, Lauren

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

...of experiencing ARTapalooza!

Hey Panthers!

Downtown Cedar Falls has a lot to offer UNI students, residents of Cedar Falls, and visitors to the Cedar Falls area.  Whether you are looking for a shopping experience at a cute and unique boutique, for a place to eat where you can catch up with friends and have great food, or for a place to relax and get a cup of coffee, downtown Cedar Falls has almost everything you would be looking for.  Once a year, downtown transforms itself into place where the people can experience many forms of art completed by local artists.
This past weekend, ARTapalooza, an arts festival, was held in downtown Cedar Falls and numerous people came out to the event which caters to both children and adults.  Throughout the day, attendees can wander down Main Street, and observe and purchase the art vendor’s work.  At ARTapalooza there is a wide variety of art that is completed.  I saw paintings, photography, jewelry, and ceramic pieces that were for sale.  There was live music with individual performers as well as the Cedar Falls High School Jazz Band and even students from UNI got to perform.  This event was also very family friendly and is something you could bring children to.  There was a booth where kids could try playing different musical instruments as well as crafts and painting opportunities so the kids had the chance to be immersed in art.
Photo from: Community Main Street
ARTapalooza is just one of the many wonderful and unique events that happen in Cedar Falls and specifically in Downtown Cedar Falls.  It was also a great opportunity to take a step back and appreciate the talent that the artists have.  This was my first time attending ARTapalooza, and it is absolutely something I am planning on attending again next year.   I would definitely encourage you to check it out too!

Sincerely, STAR Sarah

...of Getting Ahead in Your Studies

Well future Panthers, sometime in the future you'll all realize you can't always enjoy the relaxed feel of "syllabus week," and it will quickly turn into the nitty gritty studying! You'll experience the all-nighters, the falling asleep in your textbook at midnight, or the quick nap you end up taking in the union while waiting for your next class!
Instead say no, say no to all the late night studying and procrastination, start saying 'YES!' to using the great academic resources that the University of Northern Iowa provides!

A great way to get ahead in your studies this fall is by visiting all the wonderful places on campus.

Take a step into the Academic Learning Center (ALC) located in the ITTC.
The ALC offers free tutoring for many subjects including: reading, math & science, supplemental instruction. Another great service the ALC offers is the writing center, it is great for writing papers, journal entries and many other written assignments! ALC Homepage 

Take another step into the Academic Advising office located in 102 Gilchrist Hall, all the wonderful people who are a part of Academic Assistance can help you if you have concerns with any of your classes, if you are considering changing your major they will guide you, and many other services. Be sure to check out their webpage!  Academic Advising 

Our last stop is as simple as clicking this link, PASS Blog, the Panther Advice for Student Success Blog has lots of tips & tricks for how to succeed in your academics as well as fun things about campus and college life!

Another great way to get ahead in your studies is by finding the right place to study, so lets take a walk through different places on campus that you could get cozy with some coffee and your books! :) Watch the video below to find some of my favorite places to study!

Until next time,
-STAR Grace


....of taking an online class

This semester I decided to try online classes. While not every course is offered online, there are quite a few that are available. Taking these online classes have been an awesome decision on my part, and I am here to share with you exactly what an online class is all about.

I am a person that gets easily distracted, and I really can’t help it. The professor will mention something about their weekend and then I start thinking well what am I going to do with my weekend? Do I want to go home? I wonder if my mom will cook me spaghetti if I do go home…. And before I know it, it’s time to move on to the next class and I leave realizing that I really didn’t pay attention to any of the lecture after the first ten minutes. 

The beauty of an online class is that if a professor posts a lecture, it can always be paused or played back again. Sometimes online classes don’t offer lectures, but just more homework in order for you to learn the material. I really like this because I am an independent learner and I like to read the book and do the work and check it off my list, while at the same time being able to say that I learned something.

 My professors always let me know exactly what is due when, and make it really easy to spread all of my work over the week leaving time for me to work on campus, get involved in other activities, and attend my other classes that are on campus.

~STAR Alyssa 

Monday, August 25, 2014

...Of moving in to your dorm!

Hey Future Panthers!

Moving in can sometimes seem tricky...especially when you don't know exactly what your room is going to look like.  We have some tips for you to help your shopping and move-in process go smoothly!

~STAR, Eliza & Sarah


Sunday, August 24, 2014

..Of a UNIque Journey!

Welcome back to campus Panthers!

Our new STARs team has already started bonding at our retreat today! Check out our video below...

Remember that your new friends might be completely different from you and that is OK!

Monday, April 14, 2014

of getting ready for finals week!

Hello Everybody!

It's that time of they year again! Finals week is approaching and will be here before we know it. Whether you're a Panther now or will soon be joining the Panther Family, it is never too late to get a routine for studying. Here is a short video on what I do to prepare for finals week!


-Jill, STAR