Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...of Rod Library

Hi there future Panthers!

Sometimes when you need to buckle down and study, your room isn't the place to be. Noisy neighbors, friends stopping by, Netflix, the list goes on and on. Now what are you supposed to do? Give up and hope you can absorb the information through osmosis? No way! For a fun place to study with tons of information, I just head on down to the Rod Library!

Front of the Library at night! (It's open til Midnight most nights!!!)

I think the library is the perfect place to study for everyone! It has four floors with varying levels of noise allowed on each. The first floor (also known as the basement level) is labeled the "medium-noise floor." This is where you can go to study with a friend or work on group projects! The second floor (which is also the floor you enter on) is the "high-noise floor" this is a place to go if you have a high level of concentration or need to print something off. The third and fourth level are labeled as the "low-noise floor" and the "quiet floor." Here is where students who need to study in absolute silence go to prep for their exams or to get through some reading. 

But don't worry the library isn't only a serious school place, they also have lots of really fun and interesting things. For example if you need a break from all that studying, just head on down to UNI's museum, which is now conveniently located on the first floor! Or if you're in the mood for a wake-me-up, you can head over to the new Book Bistro. There you can get anything from coffee to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

It's open from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM every Monday-Friday

The library also has a lot of fun and interesting activities that they host on campus, such as guest speakers and my personal favorite the UNI Mini-Comic Con! These events are a great way to meet new people with similar interests and a way to get a much needed break from school work.

So if you are there to cram for a final or are just there to look for a good book to read in your down time, UNI's Rod Library is a pretty great place to spend your time!

Until next time,
~STAR Eliza

....of a Pumpkin.

Hello Y'all!
This year, my boyfriend and I decided to grow a pumpkin. We went to the store, planted some seeds and waited for all of our pumpkins to grow. We were so excited and thought that our porch would turn into a pumpkin patch, full of plump orange pumpkins.....but that's not exactly how it happened. The vines began to grow and flowers bloomed, but within a few days of bloom, the bright orange flowers shriveled up and fell off. So we did the only reasonable thing, Googled "How to grow pumpkins". Surprisingly there are a lot of pumpkin growers out there who blog about their orange friends. We learned that pumpkin plants bloom male and female flowers and that we would have to self pollinate our flowers because we did not have a large bee population to naturally pollinate them. So we got out some Q-tips and got to pollinating! While it was a little weird at first, you get the hang of it ;) And guess what?! IT WORKED!
We grew one baby Pumpkin!

Pumpky at 45 days old

All grown up!

Finally, this past weekend we picked our little guy and carved him! :) He now lights up our porch and I can't wait for Trick-or-Treaters to see him!

-Star Olivia

...enjoying the Presidential Suite!

Check out this video from the STARs during the volleyball game from the Presidential Suite!

-STAR Hannah

Thursday, October 23, 2014

...of feeling safe and secure on campus!

Hey Panthers!  

Many people have questions about safety when they go off to college and the UNI Police Officers work hard to keep The University of Northern Iowa safe and secure for all of the students on campus!  Watch this video blog for some ways the campus is being kept safe!


 Sarah, STAR

...of Family Weekend!

This last weekend at UNI was Family Weekend. This is a yearly tradition when
families are encouraged to visit campus, go to the football game, and be involved in
different activities on campus. I was so excited for Family Weekend! My parents were able
to visit me, and they brought my sister and my best friend with them (who is pretty much
like family). Many families were able to visit on Friday, but my family came on Saturday. My
sister and cousin also go to school here, and we all got together before the game to hang out
and tailgate! My aunt and uncle were here, and they made the most delicious hot dogs! I
loved being able to spend time with my family, and it was so good to see them. After we ate
our food and played bags, we went to the game.

Even though the Panthers lost, they put up a really good fight! I loved being able to teach my little sister and my friend different cheers and traditions at the football game, and they had a really good time too! Their favorite part of the game was halftime because they absolutely loved our band! I
was able to show them around campus too, and I was so excited to show them how
beautiful campus is in the fall! We saw so many families around campus last weekend, and
it was awesome to see all the support students here have. Overall, Family Weekend was
wonderful, and I loved sharing UNI with my awesome family!

-Star Emily

Monday, October 20, 2014

...of a Fun Night with Friends in Cedar Falls

Hey again guys, Star Grace here to talk about some fun and great deals in this college town!

This past weekend my friends and I decided we wanted to rent some scary movies, so we headed to Family Video in Cedar Falls, and with their recent updates and renovations we were able to snag a deal.
Last year a new pizza place called Marco's was built right next to Family Video, and they have a great deal for college students! If you buy a pizza they will give you a free movie next door at Family Video!

Marco's Pizza is delicious and has lots of great toppings and sides. Like Papa John's, they put garlic sauce on the side, but you can also have the sauce infused in the crust FOR FREE! It is delicious; my personal favorite is pineapple and ham pizza, but their sausage and cheese pizzas are delicious too! After buying the pizza, they handed us our receipt which we brought over to Family Video, and we were allowed to pick out our free movie! 

Since it is October, we decided what better way to celebrate than with a spooky movie?! It took us a long time to decide which movie to pick because Family Video has hundreds of great movies, and at such great prices too!

Overall, Family Video and Marco's Pizza made for a great Friday night, and lots of fun memories with friends. It's always fun to explore different things to do on and off campus!

Until next time,
STAR Grace

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

...of an all nighter!

Picture this. It is a Wednesday night and you are about to go to bed...when all of a sudden you remember you have a test the next day! So now you have to heave yourself out of your warm bed and crack open the books. Now maybe you won't find yourself in this exact situation, but it is one of the many ways that will lead to your experience with the dreaded all nighter! (Cue ominous music) Even though you will be staying up all night, it doesn't have to be that bad. Here are some tips that will help you survive the night.

Iowa Cycles sculpture at night (right outside of the Union)

Tip # 1: Turn off all distractions! While a little bit of light music can help you focus, Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, and others are not your friend when it comes to studying. A simple cat video can throw your whole study plan out the window.

Tip #2: Open a window! I know that we live in Iowa and it gets really cold here (and I do mean really cold), cold air is probably one of the best things that can keep you awake. Don't believe me? Think back to those long nights when you just can't get to sleep. I guarantee it, your feet aren't warm and cozy.

Tip #3: Get moving!  Now after a while, your feet and legs will probably get pretty sore from sitting. The best thing to do is to get your blood moving by doing some sort of physical activity (i.e. walking through your dorm or running in place.) You can keep on studying by writing some questions down on note cards and taking them with you. 

Tip #4: Reward yourself with a treat! To keep your mind focused, you can always reward yourself every so often with a snack, which you can get from Biscotti's or the 23rd Street Market. Keep in mind, there are good snacks and bad snacks for studying. For example, some good foods would be fresh fruit (which is packed full of complex carbohydrates and natural sugars), sandwiches and other foods that are high in carbs and proteins.  Also don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep your brain and muscles hydrated.
 Biscotti's (aka where the snacks and coffee live)

Tip #5: Don't forget to breath: I know a college schedule can be overwhelming and things can sneak up on you, but it is something that everyone experiences. As long as you follow these tips and don't let the work get to you, you'll do great! Just take a deep breath and tell yourself you'll be fine.

~Star Eliza