Wednesday, November 12, 2014

...Of Getting Ready for Second Semester

I will not lie. Getting ready to start your second semester as a college freshman can be stressful. You ask yourself, "What classes do I have to take to meet requirements?" "What if I don't like my professor?" "What if all the classes I want are taken and I get stuck with an 8a.m.?" "I'm freaking out!"

Well, fear not. UNI has many resources everywhere you look to find ways to plan out your schedules even before you officially do so. MyUniverse, the online database for every UNI student, has an Academic Planner outlining every required credit for each specific major. Also, every student has an advisor specific to what college he or she is a part of, and each student gets to schedule an individual meeting with the advisor.

If a student clicks on his or her Student Center in MyUniverse, everything needed to plan for the Spring semester is right there! How convenient is that?

My meeting is coming up this week, and in all honesty, I'm a tad bit nervous! This is my first time planning my own college schedule with intents to study abroad next year, wondering whether or not I desire to take summer classes, discerning which plays I want to try out for, and what clubs and organizations I want to get involved with. I'm both excited and scared to be moving so quickly through my collegiate journey, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

-STAR, Lauren

...of a Big Panther Win!

On Saturday, the Panthers beat North Dakota State University! The game was so much fun, and I had an awesome time making new memories at the game!

-STAR Emily

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

...Of the Pride of Panther Nation!

What's up, Panthers?

The University of Northern Iowa's Panther Marching Band is known as "The Pride of Panther Nation."  This couldn't be more true!  Panther Marching Band (PMB) is one of the many great things happening at UNI and watching them perform gives me the goosebumps every time.  

There are more students in Panther Marching Band this year than any other year in UNI's history.  The record breaking 330 member band also has a great time together and is a great way for students to make connections at UNI and help them to feel that UNI is their home away from home!  Unfortunately, I never got the chance to be involved with PMB but all of my friends who have been in PMB or are currently in the band love their experience!  They have made great friends and had a blast playing at all the home games as well as traveling to The University of Iowa or Iowa State University to perform.
This past weekend, the Panther Marching Band hosted "Panther Band Day".  This was a day where high school students could come to UNI for the day and play with PMB on the field during UNI's home football game.  There were almost 500 high school students who attended this event which meant that there were about 800 total band members performing on the field! 

If you are thinking about joining the Panther Marching Band, I would definitely encourage you to do so!  You will get the chance to be part of community that loves UNI, loves each other, and loves to play music together.  YOU can have the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Pride of Panther Nation.

STAR Sarah

...of dancing away at the Wellness Recreation Center

Hey there followers,

STAR Grace again with a fun video from the University of Northern Iowa's Halloween Zumba event! :)


Last week I, along with my roommates and lots of other students, attended a FREE Zumba class at the Wellness and Recreation Center (WRC) to celebrate Halloween! Enjoy the video!

Monday, November 3, 2014

...of a Coffee Run with TC & TK!


Enjoy our video!
-STARs Sarah, Emily, & Grace

...Of Prepping for Finals

Hey there Future Panthers!
Here is a video that shows what it is like to prep for finals! #RodLibrary #Livepurple
~STARs Hannah, Olivia, and Eliza

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...of Rod Library

Hi there future Panthers!

Sometimes when you need to buckle down and study, your room isn't the place to be. Noisy neighbors, friends stopping by, Netflix, the list goes on and on. Now what are you supposed to do? Give up and hope you can absorb the information through osmosis? No way! For a fun place to study with tons of information, I just head on down to the Rod Library!

Front of the Library at night! (It's open til Midnight most nights!!!)

I think the library is the perfect place to study for everyone! It has four floors with varying levels of noise allowed on each. The first floor (also known as the basement level) is labeled the "medium-noise floor." This is where you can go to study with a friend or work on group projects! The second floor (which is also the floor you enter on) is the "high-noise floor" this is a place to go if you have a high level of concentration or need to print something off. The third and fourth level are labeled as the "low-noise floor" and the "quiet floor." Here is where students who need to study in absolute silence go to prep for their exams or to get through some reading. 

But don't worry the library isn't only a serious school place, they also have lots of really fun and interesting things. For example if you need a break from all that studying, just head on down to UNI's museum, which is now conveniently located on the first floor! Or if you're in the mood for a wake-me-up, you can head over to the new Book Bistro. There you can get anything from coffee to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

It's open from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM every Monday-Friday

The library also has a lot of fun and interesting activities that they host on campus, such as guest speakers and my personal favorite the UNI Mini-Comic Con! These events are a great way to meet new people with similar interests and a way to get a much needed break from school work.

So if you are there to cram for a final or are just there to look for a good book to read in your down time, UNI's Rod Library is a pretty great place to spend your time!

Until next time,
~STAR Eliza